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Immunity Allergy



Immunity Shots Nasal Spray

Birch & Larch Extracts
These specific bark extracts have a long history in folk medicine as they provide a natural source of xylitol. Birch and Larch extracts also contain the sugar D-mannose which also has an extensive history in natural medicine. Research shows that D-mannose may prevent certain types of bacteria from sticking to the walls of the urinary tract and causing infection.
Xylitol Immunity Shots Nasal Spray contains a natural, non-GMO source of xylitol. Xylitol is a sweet, crystalline carbohydrate that occurs naturally in virtually all fruits and vegetables. The human body even produces small amounts of this carbohydrate each day. Xylitol’s powerful oral and upper respiratory health benefits come from its unique five-carbon structure.
• Gently cleans and soothes the sinus and nasal passages
• Moisturizes nasal passages
• Washes away pollutants, irritants and airborne contaminants
• Hydrates to alleviate irritation caused by dry air Sulfax
Naturopathic physicians have used Sulfax for more than 100 years. Sulfax has been studied for its unique antiseptic and anti fungal properties.
Mucin is a simple sugar complex naturally produced in the body. It is used to protect the nasal passages from unwanted contaminants.

Inland Sea Water:
Inland sea water contains trace amounts of natural elements. This ingredient helps to keep the cilia of the nose healthy and clean while maintaining the proper pH balance. Inland sea water is an important element of Immunity Shots Nasal Spray’s action. Immunity Shots Nasal Spray and Immunity Shots Throat Spray are the
first of their kind providing immune support that can be felt.

Immunity and Allergy Liquid Shots

Immunity Shots Spray 75

Immunity Shots Spray

Price $13.99

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• Boosts the immune system • Provides great relief to flu, cold and allergy type symptoms. Wellness Shots Spray synergetic blend of ingredients provides immediate relief to cold, flu and allergy type symptoms. Wellness Shots Spray special anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory formula is perfect for individuals seeking to improve overall health and wellness. Workers in germ filled environments, and persons who have to travel in public places (subways, trains and airplanes) can all benefit from this great synergistic blend of nutrients. Nothing else could compare to this powerful tonic. It not only helps support the immune system but it also provides a great boost for those days when you’re feeling run down. Provide Instant Relief For Colds, Flues, and Allergy Like Symptoms. WELLNESS SHOTS!

Immunity Shots 4 Ounce

Immunity Shots 4 ounce

Buy 2 Get 1 Free

Price $21.99 Buy 2 Get 1 Free

• Boosts the immune system • Provides great relief to flu, cold and allergy type symptoms. Provide Instant Relief For Colds, Flus, Aand Allergy Like Symptoms. WELLNESS SHOTS Contains the following: • Organic Ginger • Pure Wild Mediterranean Oregano Oil (70% carvicol) • Grapefruit Seed Extract • Astragalus Root• Organic Ginger • Opti Zinc * Olive Leaf * Oregano Oil

Allergy Shots 4 OZ

Allergy Shots 4 Oz Price $24.99

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Allergy Shots 110
Allergy Shots Spray 1 ounce $13.99

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California Naturals Allergy Shots uses the power of ginger and a host of other herbal ingredients to provide a fast acting shot for allergy suffers. Ginger’s powerful herbal multiplier effect allows Allergy Shots to provide an immediate effect for allergy suffers.  Nettles hair or the part that stings contains natural histamine blocker, the histamine response is a major player in allergic reactions. Eye Bright is a natural histamine blocker and also is one of the most useful systemic relaxants available. Yerba Santa is an expectorant and decongestant useful for chest colds, asthma, hay fever and bronchitis used by native Americans. Tumeric (Curcumin) is considered the super foods of the 21st century.


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