Liposomal Vitamin C May Support Natural Collagen Production

While the benefits of collagen are widespread and largely publicized, you may not have even heard of Liposomal Vitamin C, nor how it combines with collagen in such a beneficial way. Both collagen and Liposomal Vitamin C play important roles in how our bodies function, but the truth is that their benefits multiply when we use them together. In fact, the sole production of collagen in the body is impossible without the assistance of vitamin C.

Approximately one-third of the entire protein supply in the human body is precisely collagen, which makes it one of the most valuable bodily constituents. There is hardly a body part that doesn’t contain collagen in its structure. Smooth muscle tissues, bones, digestive tract, tendons, ligaments, blood vessels – even hair and nails all include a certain (mostly substantial) amount of collagen, which has further anti-aging.

Research suggests the importance of quality collagen supplementation in preventing the distribution of pathogenic substances and toxins. Moreover, 80% of your skin is composed of collagen, and it is collagen that ensures its elasticity and flexibility. It is also one of the main elements in bones, along with hydroxyapatite. As far as muscles are concerned, collagen fibers are responsible for providing muscles with the strength they need in order to achieve movement. Collagen can also be found in cardiac muscles, besides the smooth and the skeletal group. Unfortunately, as we age, the natural production of collagen decreases, which means that supplementation is essential.