Who We Are

California Natural Vitamin Laboratories is a specialty producer and manufacturer of vitamins & herb formulas that was established in 1985. Our company goal is to offer unique formulas at competitive prices. Our high grade specialty supplements have been proven to make you feel totally alive and prepared for anything – and to look great while you’re at it.

Supplements like the powerful and unique H/A - Hyaluronic Acid Formula for anti-aging and Dieters Secret, as seen on TV for weight loss is a synergistic formula blended with nature’s herbs, vitamins & minerals designed for maximum results to stimulate metabolism, controlling appetite & increasing energy.

Our best seller Hair, Skin & Nail formula a synergistic blend of natural vitamins & herbs to support strong, healthy, beautiful Hair, Skin, & Nails.

Pick Me Up for anyone that needs extra energy, gain or maintain the competitive edge and anyone that needs to stay alert.

Immunity Spray Shots are the most amazing synergetic blend of ingredients that provides immediate relief to cold, flu, and allergy type symptoms.

Allergy Shots uses the power of ginger and a host of other herbal ingredients to provide a fast acting shot for allergy sufferers.

Green Tea Macha is traditionally used in the Japanese Tea Ceremony. Ours is made with top quality green tea powder and is hand-made from the youngest Gyokuro leaves.

What our experience means for our customers is simply put, "quality & assurance"! All our products are manufactured under the latest FDA guidelines that follow the GMP-Good Manufacturing Practices with the "highest" standards for manufacturing vitamins supplements & herbs formulas.

Our goal at California Natural is to provide the highest quality product at the best price. Satisfaction is always our guarantee. You have my personal guarantee that I will be here overseeing all aspects of the products we supply. It is of most Important that our products meet and exceed our customer’s expectations. Though we have an extensive selection of products, we continually research the market for new products in order to expand and improve our product selection. We hope that we can supply to you what product information you may need and we welcome questions and your comments that you may have.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to providing to you the purest products available on the market. I wish to all our friends & customers, long health & happiness.

From our Family to yours…
California Natural Vitamin Lab.

Gene Arnold
President – CEO