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Celebrities Testimonials on Use of
Immunity Shots Spray

Athletes, Musicians and Healthy Hollywood Stars Use Immunity Shots for Peak Immune Health and Energy:  Here are their Unpaid Testimonials. 

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Reggie Miller
Reggie Miller, NBA and Indiana Pacers All-Star:
  I’ve been using Immunity Shots
liquid and throat spray for six years to strengthen my immune system. These natural supplements help me feel younger and stronger, but most importantly, they help me run all day. Get your Immunity Shots and I promise, you’ll be able to run with me.


Gabby Reese
Gabby Reece, professional volleyball player, fashion model and mother:

I have been using Immunity Shots to boost my immune system for years. The Wellness Shot is nature’s medicine. I believe the reason it is so effective is the combination of natural and effective ingredients. So simple, safe and smart: Immunity Shots is always very effective for me.



Anson Williams

Anson Williams, actor and director:

  Some of you may remember me from the television show “Happy Days,” but for the last twenty years, I’ve mostly been directing.

One of the reasons why I stay so healthy despite working long hours on the set is because I use Immunity Shots liquid and spray. I can’t recommend Immunity Shots enough because it works. I have used other supplements but none comes close to the power of Immunity Shots. I won’t go on the road without a bottle of the liquid or the throat spray. I always keep one in the glove compartment of my car.

Alex Orbison
Alex “Orbi” Orbison, drummer and vocalist of Whitestarr:

I’ve been taking Immunity Shots products for the past five years. I’ve always noticed the difference they make in the way I feel. Immunity Shots helps raise my energy levels and overall health. I make it a point of coming in here before and after touring with Whitestarr to stock up on Immunity Shots. The liquid and spray help me to recover from the energy drain of touring.





Rick Springfield

Rick Springfield,

singer and musician:

I rely on Immunity Shots to keep me going and to keep me singing while on the road. I haven’t gotten sick at all since I started using Immunity Shots.

Other Healthy Celebrities Who Use Immunity Shots to Look and Feel their Best.

Immunity Shots Spray synergetic blend of ingredients provides immediate relief to cold, flu and allergy type symptoms.

Immunity Shots Spray special antibacterial and anti-inflammatory formula is perfect for individuals seeking to improve overall health and wellness.

Workers in germ filled environment, and persons who have to travel in public places (subways, trains, and airplanes) can all benefot from this great synergistic blend of ingredients.

Manufactured for distribution by Califonia Natural Vitamin Labs.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This produt is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.



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